Explore the Cost-Effective Car Modification —Changyi tells you the fun of car modification

With the continuous improvement of living standards, cars are no longer unattainable luxuries. After buying a car, many owners will always find a lot of dissatisfaction or want to have a more unique experience, so the trend of car modification out of control. Today, Changyi will tell you how awesome car modification is.

Car modification consists of five main directions: power modification, manipulation modification, exterior modification, safety modification and experiential modification. Power modification mainly consists of the refitting of ECU data and exhaust air system. Manipulation modification mainly includes suspension, brake, wheel tire, turbulence four major items. Exterior modification mainly includes leaf plate replacement, body decals, body color three major items. Safety modification covers active safety assistance system, passive safety assistance system and lighting system. The experiential modification is mainly the addition and installation of various on-board systems, including hud, sound system, electric seat, power tailgate, etc.

The experiential modification is aimed primarily at owners’ comfort. When the comfort of the car is improved, all kinds of awkward situations can be avoided. Most of the car owners choose to install power tailgate and intelligent power seat to enhance their driving experience.

Power Tailgate

The basic structure of power tailgate is composed of two tailgate poles. The driving rod consists of an inner tube and an outer tube through a spindle drive. The motor and gear in the inner tube drive a threaded spindle which moves on a threaded nut fixed on the inside of the outer tube. The spring of the trunk cover also plays an auxiliary role in the opening operation of the cover.


(Changyi power tailgate)

  • Controlled by the remote device

The convenient remote control helps user open/close the tailgate easily, even their hands are busy.

  • Soft-close electric suction device

Subsequent to shuttle the car door, the electric suction will adsorb the lock to diminish the power, and guarantee the rear and lock in the meantime.

  • Smart avoid pinch

While the power tailgate is closing, when it touches the impediment, it will bounce back consequently or stop quickly, maintaining a strategic distance to protect the user.

  • Memory function

The power tailgate can memorize the height, which is set by the user. The user can set the height by long press on the button. Next time, the rear door will stay at the presupposed height automatically.

  • Foot-sensor function

Foot-sensor is one sort of smart trunk sensor system. Open/ close the trunk automatically by judging the amplitude, frequency and phase parameter of Doppler produced when the foot gets close and away from the sensor.

Intelligent Power Seat

  • Massage Function

For drivers who need to keep up a fixed post in long-distance driving, the intelligent seat of Changyi consistently relaxing driver’s exhaustion.

  • Courtesy Function

As far as getting on and off the vehicle, because of the limited space in the driver’s seat, the drivers regularly may touch the directing wheel, particularly some tall or fat drivers. But the power seat is perfect for avoiding the awkwardness. The intelligent power seat is adjusted smartly when the driver gets on/off the vehicle, leaving enough space for them to keep the mistreating sensation.

  • Boss Key

The passengers on the back seat can alter the seat to control the separation from the front seat by squeezing the catch on the side, which is helpful to pick the most agreeable distance.

  • Memory Function

Power seat can preset the position. If you like a certain pose, you just need to press the memory button. Next time, pressing the button directly can automatically restore the posture you like.

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Post Author: Sophie Toby Hall

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