Factors To Consider When Dealing With Car Transportation Services

Are you relocating from one state to another? I guess, you are going to hire home movers to help you with your household stuffs, right? Indeed, that is a smart thing to do. How about your car, do you have plans of driving it or shipping it via auto transport services? I know that you care for those belonging so much and some of you are even treating it like a baby. Well, think about how much time, money and effort it will cost you because these will be one of your basis, if you are going to hire one or not. 

It could have been great to drive your car, if the distance is short. But when talking about miles of distance, you better choose auto shipping companies in your area. Actually, you may try checking https://shipcar24.com and inquire about how they can be of help to you. These firms are usually transporting vehicles from state to state or another country. However, you have to be meticulous, too, and make sure that you are going to deal with a trustworthy company. Well, I am not saying that they do bogus services. Let’s say that you just need to choose the one that cares.

I supposed, you are aware that they all fall under the same type of business. However, they have different levels when it comes to the quality on how they provide their services. Let’s say that some of them delivers on time and really fast. While others are slow and even delayed. And then, it is also possible that some crews are not careful about your vehicle, while others are strictly checking every detail of the car before transporting and delivering it. Anyway, it would be great to learn a few factors that you have to greatly consider before dealing with them.

Road Safety

Traveling across the country, where you do not even know the road is quite risky. Let’s say that you are moving to a new place and miles away from your old house. Of course, you are not yet used to the road, right? You may be good at driving, but this does not mean that you may not get lost. You are not also sure about where the accident prone areas are. So, why will you take the risk, if there are experts, who knows best?

Through a professional auto transport service crew, navigating the safety and shortest routes would be very easy. They also had trainings and experiences in this field. Therefore, they had been to different parts of the country. This is their job and had been shipping properties for years. 

Less Expenses

Now, if you are going to drive your own car, how much do you think will you spend? I know that you might want to go for a road trip, too, but not for a long-distance trip. Consider the expenses for the fuel, toll gates, food and other things you may think of buying on the road. 

If you are going to hand over your loved vehicle to an auto transport company, then you will only spend for this particular service. This is actually an economical and indeed, a smart decision, especially when you are on a tight budget. If you are going to compare the spending when you drive and ship, then you will see that transporting it is cheaper.


When thinking about the reliability of a particular firm, you have to spend some time searching and reading. You have all the options to choose from, so do not stick to one when you have doubts. First, visit their official websites and read customer reviews. Is the rating high or low? What about their company profile, are there details about the office location or branches, contact number and email? Are they registered and have the license to operate such business?

Did you take note of the reviews regarding the delivery time? Choose the ones that can deliver and handle your vehicle with care. I know that this kind of experts would be difficult to search. That’s why you have to be patient in reading reviews because that is the best way to find out.

Sometimes, you have to also look at the history of these companies. It would be good to check how long they have been in the industry. Most of them have branches all over the country and this is an implication that they provide a high quality service. 

Shipping Cost 

The transportation cost will depend on the shipping arrangements, type of your automobile and distance, of course. Actually, the biggest factor of an estimate that they will give you is the distance from point of origin to the destination. The contractor will also need to consider the fuel that they will consume throughout the transport. Though sometimes, quotes given may vary, especially when there is a change in the prices of fuel.

A client, who is on a really tight budget may have to avail an open truck carrier. While those who can afford to pay more may choose the closed trucks. There are also dates, where the cost is less. Therefore, those with a flexible schedule may go for this promotional offer. Keep in mind that there should not be any hidden fees. After the estimate was released, the cost of your transport must be the same. Clicking here will show you a list of average shipping costs in the US.


A representative will come and inspect your car before picking it up. This is necessary to know the status or condition of your vehicle while it is not yet under their care. If there is something that they need to know about your automobile, then you have to declare it.

Before delivering your precious vehicles to its destination, the experts will have to inspect it again. I supposed, you should have taken snapshots, too. This is important just in case something happened to your vehicle. Damages or even light scratches are not supposed to see after delivery. Anyway, the professionals will check every detail and confirm that everything is in good shape.

Post Author: Sophie Toby Hall

A former car magazine editor, Sophie’s blog offers in-depth car reviews, industry trends, and maintenance tips. Her breadth of knowledge makes her posts invaluable for both car enthusiasts and everyday drivers.