Gold Solutions Group, The world’s N0 1 supplier of low-cost start-up gold

Gold Solutions Group, the world’s N0 1 supplier of low-cost start-up gold plating business opportunities are now creating a stir with their packages from as little as £199 that include inclusion on a website dedicated to 1 specific State in the USA – which would be the State where the buyer of the kit lives.

Complete with a completely free and unlimited award-winning lifetime email support team 7 days a week plus an amazing array of added benefits this is the best offer in the UK today from the world’s most popular and voted for company with 5* ratings worldwide after 14 years.

As well as our amazing gold and/or chrome plating kit packages this offer also includes all the following features essential for any new business start-up such as:

  • Custom designed website fully optimised in the County of residence of the client
  • Linked directly to the UK’s largest group of independent electroplating specialists
  • Free membership to the worlds largest Gold Plating Guild including Guild logo
  • As members of the Guild clients are also awarded a permanent 10%-30% discount (depending on package purchased) discount on all future purchase from Gold Solutions
  • Plan to access over 100,000 local (state) Facebook members several times a month completely free of charge
  • As Guild members, clients also have access to many subsidised products and services only available to members

With the ability to gold and (real) chrome plate car and other vehicle parts at home these packages are becoming the ‘must-have’ piece of equipment for all garages and workshops.

DIY plating is incredibly inexpensive –as an example, to plate a set of car badges with 24k gold costs under £10 – and chrome plating is less than half that so perfect for small restoration jobs too.

For those looking to get into the lucrative ‘bling my car’ business this is the perfect way to start.

As well as plating with 24k gold you can also plate with white and rose gold, platinum, rhodium, chrome, palladium, zinc, copper and nickel with this equipment with no skill required.


This is a once only offer to get your foot in the door with virtually no real cost (in terms of capital expenditure) to start a small part time business with such a massive array of tools, expertise available free of charge, and potential market place in your own County.

With the amazing GS200 kits you can even plate non-metals like plastics, wood, glass, silk flowers – even a fresh egg!!!!

Which includes a website that could be used to reach millions of other clients worldwide if you wish to develop a full internet-based business eventually – and generate more income per hour that you currently do while building.

£199+ GS90 small kits are found here

£500+ GS200 full power kits are found here

Terry George (Founder)

Gold Solutions Group

44 (0)207 871 3017


Post Author: Sophie Toby Hall

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