Knowing About The Structure Revealed By The VIN Lookup Tool

You may have heard about Vehicle Identification Number and even about the VIN lookup tool that is used to decode this unique ID number. However, if you do not know much about the structure of the vehicle identification number, you may not know the exact details and history about the car. There are actually different sections and positions of this ID number that you should especially look up to. Each if these positions and section reveal a different aspect of the used car you want to buy. You can even use the VIN of your own car just for knowledge. 

VIN Lookup - How to Decode your VIN | Edmunds

First three positions

The first position of the VIN as revealed by the decoder will show the place where the vehicle was manufactured. For example, if the position is marked 1, it means that the car was made in the United States. The next two positions are shown concurrently by the decoder. These positions are specifically designated for the manufacturer of the vehicles. For example, if it is marked F, it means that the manufacturer is Ford Inc. Therefore, it is required for you to know at least the basics about the names of the manufacturers and the specific country.  

The other positions

The next few positions, from 4 to 8 to be precise, indicates the brand of the vehicle, the type of it as well as the size of the engine. It may be denoted by different letters. Next, position 9, especially with a B, denotes the security code of the vehicle. On the other hand, 10 G and 11 K indicates the year of manufacture and the plant where the vehicles were assembled. Position 12 to 17 of the VIN denotes the serial number of the vehicle. In addition to that, it may also contain a VDS or Vehicle Descriptor Section which denotes the model, engine, platform, and transmission.

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