Tips on How To Buy A Second hand Car

Not everyone can afford the luxury of buying new car. In fact in many countries, especially developing countries, majority of the cars bought there are second hand cars. Brand new cars are expensive for most people, and they can’t be bought without some kind of financing from an institution. If you can afford to buy a new one though, it will be totally worth it, because you’re going to be using it for a very long time, without it having any major challenges.  In this article you’ll be seeing tips to help you ensure you get a good second hand car.

Use the internet

The internet has made life much easier, and it always presents us a myriad of options for anything that we want. However, we are not suggesting that you go buy a second hand car of the internet just like you’d by tyre online dubai. Just use it to search for the car options which are available, and narrow down to the one that you want.

Do Due Diligence

Now that you’ve found the brand or the kind of car you’d like to buy make sure you do your research. Find out all that you can about the vehicle. Year it was manufactured, model, engine capacity, and all the works. You should even checkout reviews about the car.

Do An Inspection

Second hand cars are not one of those things you just buy without having a look first.  If you can find someone to go with, then do. Four good eyes are better than two.  If the person is very experienced with cars, good, if he/she happens to be a car mechanic, even better.

While you’re inspecting ask as much questions as you can. Questions such as; how long they have owned the car, are they the car’s first owners or are you actually buying a third hand or probably fourth hand car?  How often did they drive the car, just basically questions about the car’s history.

Your inspection should also include under the car, look at the exhaust is it rusted, are there holes in it.

Look under the hood, look at the engine, and check the floor for leaks. Check fan belts, hoses and other connectors.

Listen to the sound of the engine also, someone who’s experienced with cars will be able to tell you if a car engine is good or not.

Don’t forget do a body check, dents, e.t.c. This is not saying you should not buy the car if it has some issues.  However, you’ll be sure of what you’re getting into when you inspect the car. It can also be used as a bargaining tool; you’d be spending money to fix the car, that could further drive the price of the car down.

Do a Test Drive

The car should start immediately you turn the ignition. While it’s in idle listen for any untoward sounds from the engine or suspension.

Check the brakes, to see how good it is.

The gears should change smoothly and without stress if it is an automatic. If it is a manual check all the gears and make sure they change without clutch slip and noiselessly too.

Check the handbrake; it should be able to hold on a sloppy place.

Finally drive the car, not just city wide speeds, so we’re looking at 100km/hr or more. This should give you an idea of the car’s handling.

Do due diligence to ensure you’re not buying a stolen car.

Make the Car Newer

The easiest way to do this is to change your tyres. If you’re not sure about how road worthy your tyres are, a set of Hankook a/t tyres will correct that.  It’s very easy to buy tyres online dubai, just visit and your car will become less second hand.

Post Author: Sophie Toby Hall

A former car magazine editor, Sophie’s blog offers in-depth car reviews, industry trends, and maintenance tips. Her breadth of knowledge makes her posts invaluable for both car enthusiasts and everyday drivers.