Price Range for Shipping a Car – Guide To Help You Make the Right Choice

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Estimating the total cost for shipping your car depends on various factors. Car shipping prices lack stability even if you are using one of the best car shipping companies. If you are looking to hire a transport company, you can either work with your broker or hire a transport company directly. It totally depends on what you are comfortable with. However, what is more important is to find a company that will give you outstanding services.

The prime question in a customer’s mind is How much does it cost to ship a car As per our research we have analyzed that an average range to ship a car is something between 500$ to 1500$. Ship a Car, Inc. is a well-known auto Transport Company who delivers superior shipping services to people relocating their vehicles. They ensure that they treat your car with respect as they know it is important to you. They also allow you to go to their site and calculate your instant quotes.

We have consolidated these following steps to ensure you get the best pricing:

  1. Always be flexible with your pick-up and drop locations. Terminal to terminal shipping is cheaper than door to door. This is because terminal to terminal shipping, which lets the Car Transport Companies to send the entire shipment from one location to another, and thereby lowering their costs. However, here the only inconvenience for you would be to make arrangements to get to and from each terminal location.
  2. Choose an open transport vehicle as this would be less expensive as compared to enclosed ones. One drawback with open transport would be that your car will be exposed to outdoor elements for a longer period of time. But in case there is any damage to your vehicle (which is a very rare case) you have to calm yourself down as it will be insured. Enclosed vehicles are mainly used when you want to ship a very expensive or an antique cars.
  3. Ensure that you plan your car pick-up and delivery dates well in advance as last minute schedules will make you pay more. Prices can vary from one day to the next especially during peak season when the prices are always higher.
  4. In case, you have multiple cars to ship you can get the best deals from your vendor. Especially during off-season, you will can get good discounts.

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Lastly we would like to conclude that whenever you choose any company always check their pricing sheet. There are many companies having hidden additional charges so make sure they are transparent about every rate including the insurance cost (which should be included in the overall cost). Also, make sure that they accept all kind of payment methods including cash, cheques and credit cards. 

Some companies charge 2 to 3 % surcharge while using credit cards. Another thing to know is that some companies ask for deposits, before the shipping is done, and they return it once their work is done. It is better to clarify all these factors before you make any booking. 

Post Author: Sophie Toby Hall

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