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To make shine without damaging surfaces, the maintenance of the body, windows, rims and interior of a vehicle requires a minimum of know-how. How to clean your car without traces? Discover the best tips for efficient cleaning of your automobile. Find your cars like new, without scratches on the bodywork paint and at the best price.

The cleaning of your car: find all the shine of the bodywork without rubbing

Are you wondering how to wash your car like a professional? The method, accessories and suitable products will be your best allies for a perfectly successful full wash without effort. To wash your car without leaving any marks and giving it all its shine, refer to our professional tips:

To remove stains without damaging the paint, use a clean microfiber cloth or sponge. Reserve the brush for washing the rims. For mobile car wash Irvine this is important.

To avoid scratches, a pressure jet allows washing with water without rubbing:

Equip yourself with a product adapted to each surface. Forget about vinegar and dish soap. You won’t need a brush on the paint or the bumpers.

Polishing is an important step to avoid lime scale marks and restore your vehicle to its full shine. Our advice will be to carefully wipe the car with a clean, dry cloth. Finally, to shine, use synthetic chamois leather and one of our ceramic spray protectors.

A car without traces after washing: choosing the right product for an impeccable cleaning

  • To obtain a professional result, it is advisable to use a car cleaner specially designed for each part of your vehicle.
  • There are complete ranges of products to make your body shine: ceramic car shampoo, anti-scratch or mirror effect polish, and special car interior cleaner, rim cleaner, etc.

How to choose a product for car maintenance? 

They have developed all the products necessary for high-end cleaning for your vehicle: to wash, renovate, not to mention the ceramic protection, there is necessarily the product you are looking for, at the best price.

Follow these tips on how to properly clean your car. Get new generation cleaning products, using nanotechnology and ceramic treatment, guaranteed 9H. They ensure longevity and shine to your vehicle. They renovate and protect your car. Proceed in stages, using the products corresponding to each type of surface.

Our tips for cleaning your car effectively

  • Each step of washing your car requires specific equipment.
  • Take a bucket of water, a hose or an archer. The jet must be of good pressure to loosen dust and dirt.
  • Use a microfiber cloth or chamois leather and a soft sponge. This avoids scratching the body.
  • Start by cleaning the rims. This part of the car is often the dirtiest. It should therefore be cleaned first with a brush.
  • Shampoo the bodywork with a large sponge and a suitable soap solution. Scrub horizontally and vertically, never in a circle, starting with the roof.
  • Rinse thoroughly with clean water, from the roof to the wheels.
  • Remove all traces of water drops with the microfiber cloth or chamois leather.

A cleaning product for every cleaning step

You will find in our range, the product which corresponds to your needs. For bodywork maintenance, use Nano Wash & Perl shampoo for washing. Ceramic-based, it easily removes stains. It deposits a perfectly hydrophobic protective film. When it comes to rims and tires, choose a ferrous decontaminant, ph. neutral. Apply a corrective polish or mirror effect to the painted surfaces depending on the condition of your bodywork. It preserves the paint shine and removes scratches. Finally, to protect your vehicle, use ceramic protection products for bodywork, rims, windows or upholstery.

Post Author: Sophie Toby Hall

A former car magazine editor, Sophie’s blog offers in-depth car reviews, industry trends, and maintenance tips. Her breadth of knowledge makes her posts invaluable for both car enthusiasts and everyday drivers.