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If you want to restore your car’s lost shine or you want to resell your car, you should try the Car detailing Aberdeen. It is not an expense it’s an investment. It not only increases the performance but also adds extra years to your car’s life. It could be done in various ways. Some are as follows:-

Exterior car detailing: It covers the vehicle’s outer body. In exterior detailing, the detailer’s goal is to achieve the brand new look from outside. For this the detailer follows some steps such as:-

  • Wash and Dry Process: It starts with washing process which is not a normal wash. They use high pressure water to wash the car. Further cleaning is done by hand washing with mild soap. After that its drying process starts.
  • Clay Process: this step includes the process of applying a bar of clay to clean the overspray of water and soap. Other particles and traces which are still there after the wash are removed.
  • Polish Process: This process helps to restore the dropped shine of your car. It is done with the help of a gentle coating of original paints.
  • Seal Process: sealing is the last process in exterior detailing. For best results, the detailer applies wax.

Interior car detailing: The car should be cleaned deeply from inside. The detailer does this in various steps to get the best results.

  • Vacuuming Process: It starts with vacuuming each and every interior part. This step covers the gloves compartment, trunk along with full car. For best results, they remove the foot mat, all the covers of the car so, that they can vacuum it neatly.
  • Brushing Process: With the help of brushes, the tiny places are cleaned. The detailer does scrubbing for   spot and stain removal.
  • Wiping Process: This process is for the dashboard, door and window. It is wiped with good quality cleaning agent so that the car gets a new shine.
  • Anti odor Process: For giving the finishing touch, the detailer sprays a fresh and pleasant fragrance. 

Post Author: Sophie Toby Hall

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