2 Surefire Tips to Make Her Climax Like Crazy! Stop! You Can Drive Her Wild in Bed Very Easily

In this article we are going to talk about 3 surefire tips to make your girl climax like crazy in bed. Now, I know what you’re thinking….you DON’T need any help in bed, right? You’ve got your girl completely under control and she’s more than satisfied in the sack. The simple truth is that if you are right….you’re in the dramatic minority! Fact – more than 50% of women admit to preferring shopping for shoes over having sex with a man, and over 50% of women admit to faking orgasms at least once with their current lover JUST to get it over with. Not good, right? We agree…and we’ll share 2 tips to turning it all around, and in a hurry with you below!

Tip #1: Adventure is an Aphrodisiac

Yes, it’s true….women love a man who takes chances in and out of the bedroom,and the best way to keep her orgasmic engine turned up high is to take her on an erotic adventure she won’t forget. What works best? Depends on her! Try some different things like sex in public, playing games, toys….you name it, if it’s out of the ordinary it’s worth experimenting with. Remember, a woman’s orgasmic ability is equally dependent on her MIND, as well as her body, so keep them both stimulated if you want her to keep coming back!

Tip #2: Foreplay is Fantastic

Yes, we’ve covered this many times before and yes, it’s still super sexy and super effective as well. Spend at least 10 minutes focusing exclusively on HER during sex, and you’ll find her ability to orgasm will not only accelerate dramatically, her enjoyment of your company will also go UP exponentially as well! Never forget that in just about every study done of women and orgasm, the 2 most important drivers of female climax are size ( or her male partner) and the amount of foreplay enjoyed with each experience. You CAN control each of these with some effort, but the very best place to start is to focus on foreplay for sure!

Bonus Tip: Don’t overlook the obvious, either. According to a huge survey (no pun intended..:-) just last year, over 92% of women privately admitted they would prefer their man had a more powerful penis for longer, stronger and simply sensationally sweet sex. Why? Well…for one, it’s a huge turn on to be with a large guy, and as most women will admit, it simply feels much better too! And no you DON’T need to buy any pills, pumps, potions or lotions to amp UP your size and do it in a hurry! Simple male enhancement exercises are a proven way to give yourself the sort of great gains and sensational size that will make EVERY woman whimper. (and all your friends green with envy to boot!)

Post Author: Sophie Toby Hall

A former car magazine editor, Sophie’s blog offers in-depth car reviews, industry trends, and maintenance tips. Her breadth of knowledge makes her posts invaluable for both car enthusiasts and everyday drivers.