Affordable Roadside Assistance for fleets and families

When you are travelling on a highway, you never know what surprise the road is going to give you. It can be an accident or even a vehicle breakdown. This can happen anytime and anywhere. Commercial roadside assistance is provided by some companies during these situations. They can help your vehicle to get back on the road. Some of them even offer 24/7 assistance. 

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There are some fleet assistance programs which may not offer the services which you are in need of. So, it’s important to choose a commercial roadside assistance company which offers maximum services depending on the type of your vehicle.

Assistance for commercial vehicles

Assistance will be provided in the event of breakdowns, stuck in heavy traffic or may be even accidents. This plan provides affordable pay per vehicle plans per week. Also you can choose customizable towing options such as towing for 25, 50 or 100 miles in case of breakdown. They can get your vehicle to your desired service station irrespective of the distance from service station to the place of breakdown.

Small fleet assistance will help the small businesses which have small vehicles. For example, 150-200 in number, can get assistance for vehicle service, regular fuel tests, battery checks and help in the installation of engine heaters during winter. Same kinds of plans are available for big firms which use trucks for transportation along with collision assistance and towing facilities.

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Assistance for individuals and families

You can get coverage for yourself and your family members who drive, whether they are driving or travelling as passengers. If your vehicle breaks down somewhere in a place which you don’t know, GPS tracking system can locate you. They will also send SMS and calls updating you the progress of the services. Apart from these, changing the flat tires, dead battery change service, assistance in emergency lockout and fuel delivery services are also offered.

Post Author: Sophie Toby Hall

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