Headways In Toyota Hilux Review By Which Car And The Prominent Features

Toyota is a leading multinational automotive manufacturing company dealing with the automobile industry, which has its roots worldwide. Globally, Toyota secures a good rating in car ownership, and it is leading in sales of hybrid electric vehicles, and it is the market leader in manufacturing hybrid fuel cell transports. Toyota has almost overruled the transformation from a simple, easy-going vehicle manufacturing to a luxurious eco-friendly vehicle. Till now, the company has expanded in the manufacturing of cars, SUVs, and pickups. The company has also secured first positions in the automobile industry. If you are looking for a pickup, Toyota Hilux could be one of the affordable options. And the Toyota Hilux review by Which Car can offer you a great deal.


It offers a varied range of cars, SUVs, and pickups. The most preferred ones are:

  • Toyota Etios
  • Toyota Innova
  • Toyota Fortuner
  • Toyota Hilux pickup

Toyota Hilux is a basic pickup truck with the captivity of load-lugging, but it doesn’t have the same propensities as other expensive trucks. It looks more like a car than a truck, making it a more prominent one to buy. The Toyota Hilux is unquestionably a work vehicle but has become a multi-purpose model use in various duties like transportation, farming, and personal uses.

Configurations of Toyota Hilux

There are three configurations available in the model:

  • Single cab: In this mode, there will be two doors, two seats, and one long bed.
  • Extra Cab: It is an addition of rear-hinged back doors and a rear bench in it. 
  • Double Cab: It is the most popular one; it is the most favored option for the families; it consists of four full-sized doors and seating for five people.

Now talking about the engine, it has a quite good engine capacity with 2.6 liters of diesel engine, which is enough to carry over 1000 kilograms. Its pulling power is great, as per the Toyota Hilux review by Which Car. The driving performance of the Toyota Hilux is smooth and economical as well. The market is expecting a new series of this model by 2021 with more reliable performance and visuals.

The new advancements in Toyota Hilux

The manufacturer has made several changes in the model for making it more convenient such as they have introduced volume and tuning buttons, apple car play, android auto, on the touchscreen, and the digital speedometer. But, when it comes to space, then it is pretty less to fit in, and the comfort level is minimum. Overall it has decent reviews and off-road; it works well.

Toyota Hilux, as per the reviews, is a perfect fit for all purposes, and compare to other pickups, it is a multi-purpose vehicle that facilitates the driver to enjoy the rides.

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