How to safely buy Instagram followers from a seller

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Instagram is one of the best social networking sites that is known for advertising and building your brand. It has been found that around 60%of Instagram users learn about different products and services through the help of Instagram. According to statistics, half a billion people always log on Instagram daily. The number of Instagram users keeps growing day in day out. That means that Instagram is the best place for businesses and those people who would wish to be influencers. Instagram indeed has the highest engagement rate but its algorithm makes things difficult. To be ranked as top and be noticed, you must have a huge Instagram following. Gaining Instagram followers gradually takes money, effort, and hard work. You have to be very patient for you to have the kind of Instagram followers that you wish to have. Many people do but Instagram followers but the business isn’t safe anymore. Many Instagram users have been scammed while trying to buy followers on Instagram. To be on a safe side, here is what you can do

Run a background check on the seller

Before you can buy Instagram followers from any seller, do all due diligence to run a background check on the seller. When running the background check, make sure that the person intending to sell the followers to you exists and is known for selling Instagram followers. After finding out that the seller is real, it is very important to make sure that the followers are not bots. You can easily find this by yourself. Go through their posts and read comments written about them. If you notice any complaints of fake followers, try finding another seller. Many third-party tools can be used to detect fake followers. Invest in them to avoid ruining your account or your brand’s reputation with fake followers.

Run a niche test

Another suitable thing that you can do is make sure that you have run a niche test of the account or followers whom you are buying. There is no point in buying cheap Instagram followers who are not interested in what you do. A good Instagram follower seller is that one who will direct followers to your account based on your niche and your needs as well. There is no need for you to buy Instagram followers who are interested in cars when what you are selling is clothes. You can easily solve this kind of problem by running a background check. Make sure that you know the criteria being used to find Instagram followers. You can also use tools that will give you metrics for your Instagram account. 

Only use a trusted payment method

Another suitable thing to do for yourself is making sure that you have a trusted payment method. First, make sure that the payment is being made to the person whom you are talking to. Any third party payment persuasions should be avoided at all costs. 

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