Currently functioning in well over 160 countries, 19 manufacturing sites and over 15,000 distributors and retailers, Pirelli is a multi-national company which is the 5the largest tyre marketers in the world.

Making their fame and reputation from majorly sporting franchises, the company supplies tyres for Formula 1, and world bike championships. They are specialized in all fromts of renewable energy and sustainace of both industrial and regular thre manufacturing for car, motorcycles, bicycles and othe automobiles.

Pirelli focuses solely on consumer business, offering only the best of quality tyres for their large web of costumers across the continent and beyond. Buy tyres : Dubaityreshop.com

The brand might just be the best choice for you based on their experience and integrity. Their dogged innovations and business marketing has indeed shaped the industry. Thereby, highlighting maximum performance, quality, and safety all at the same time.

The company also has a very sound history of partnership with world class Motorsport events for their popularity and reliability. They are the first choice in supplying tyre products for both sporty and luxurious car brands as well. Pirelli tyres in UAE certainly checks l the required boxes and taking driving experience entirely to another level.

Pirelli tyres also puts environmental conditions into account by increasing their efforts in innovating new features to accommodate ecological impact on the road. Smooth rolling, reduced noise, and speed Pirelli has got you covered.

Given the humid weather conditions in Dubai City for most period of the year, you will need a tire that is able to withstand such hot weather and Pirelli Tyres at Dubaityreshop  is just the site you need.


PZero – these tyres are built for ultra high performance cars like speed racing vehicle and sport cars. e.g (P1 Verde, P7, P7 M0, P Zero MO, P Zero, MO, N2, Nero A/S, AO, NI, PZ4, AO, MGT, AMS, BL, NO,  P Zero PZ4 NI, P Zero J, FO1, P Zero J- LR, F, PZ4 RO1, PZ4 MOE, B)

Cinturato – the tyres are built basically for high end cars. They are also designed to achieve maximum comfort and a much quieter driving experience.

Winter – the tyres are for lower temperature conditions like snow and icey roads and are able to achieve stability with sharper twist turns need in driving in such slippery terrains.

Scorpion – these varieties are designed for SUV and Cross-over vehicles like medium and heavy duty trucks. e.g ( Scorpion Verde, Scorpion MO, AO, LR, NO, NCS, STR, PZ4 & Rosso)


Diablo – with a larger size and sturdier rubber fittings, the Diablo Pirelli products are carefully designed for road and truck tyres with heavy load and bearing been put into account.

Scorpion – the tyres have a more complex treading and a rugges outlook. They are designed for both road and off-road terrains and they have the ability to withstand harsher weather conditions.


PZero Velo – basically meant for road racing and high performance.

Cycle C – for urban and electric purposes.

Post Author: Sophie Toby Hall

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