Round the Clock in a Few Years

For years, a lot of men have become obsessed with motorcycle riding. There are those who have claimed to be liberated due to the power of the mind of the spirit. This is not far from the truth as we look at what has been going around the globe. Below is a run-through of the motorcycle’s rise to fame.

Husqvarna was founded in 1689 when the Swedish king gave an order that a weapons factory should be built in the Huskvarna town. The Husqvarna logo takes a peek at the end of the barrel because the manufacturers initially only made muskets. Sometime later, they began to manufacture kitchen appliances and sewing machines that were made of cast iron.

The “motorized bicycle” was unveiled by the older motorcycle manufacturer, Husqvarna, in 1903. They used imported engines to power it up. This is after they had built the bicycle in the late 19th century.

In 1918, the company began to create their strict in-house machines due to the fact that they have started to produce their own parts and engines as well. This was during a time wherein cross country and long-distances motorcycle races were a fad.

In 1920, the first 550cc four-stroke 50 degrees side valve V twin engine was conceived.

The more than 80 years of the racing family tradition started in the 1930s. The company competed and was a consistent champion in the races such as the Grand Prix in both the 350cc and 500cc classes. It was in the later years of the decade when Husqvarna was established as Sweden’s largest motorcycle manufacturer.

Moto-cross, a new popular for motorcycle sport during those times, emerged after in 1953, during the post-war in Europe.

The Silverpillen, or the “silver arrow” when translated was made for off-road use and weighed only 75 kilograms. This was in 1955.

With his 250cc Husqvarna, Rolf Tiblin won the 1959 moto-cross. Tiblin won a number of titles, including the Baja 1000,  with Husqvarna motorbikes.

Husqvarna’s golden age was considered to be from the 1960s to the 1970s. They consistently won off-road wold victories like moto-cross and enduro champions ships in the United States and Europe. The first Husqvarna world in the 500cc class was won by Bill Nilsson starting an era in the big-bore moto-cross. While getting a boost in the growth and popularity, the decade considered Husqvarna as their leading company for off-road bikes. Their achievements include fourteen moto-cross world titles, twenty-four enduro European wins, and level 1000 Baja championships.

Husqvarna was in corporate demand during the 70s because of their off-road type of motorcycles, and Electrolux, a prosperous corporation in Sweden, acquired the cycle company. The lightweight, easy handling, and air-cooled 500 cc four-stroke off-road model set new standards in the industry in 1983. It was the forerunner of the four-stroke competition in the new generation of motorcycles.

In 1987, it became a part of the MV Agusta Motor S.p.A.. This is because Husqvarna was bought by Cagiva, an Italian manufacturer. It then made Varese the new location for manufacturing.

Although in 1988, the company managers and engineers of Husqvarna did not want to move to Italy. Thus, they cut ties with Cagiva and put up Husaberg AB and would later be bought by KTM AG in 1995.

Wanting to expand its off-road motorbike range, in 2007, BMW acquired Husqvarna. Pierer In AG, now the owner of Husaberg, acquired Husqvarna and merged it with the original Husqvarna brand in 2013. KTM AG bought the merged company and transferred the site for production in Mattinghofen, Austria.

It was then in 2014 when the new generation Husqvarna returned to it the Swedish illustrious origins and the icon blue, yellow and white color scheme, and their cutting edge technology. It once again became the leading brand in the motorcycle category and came with new ranges of moto-cross, enduro, and supermoto engines.

The street model range was made public in 2018. The Vitlpilen 401 and 701, as well as the Svartpilen 401 and 701, were included in the model.

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Post Author: Sophie Toby Hall

A former car magazine editor, Sophie’s blog offers in-depth car reviews, industry trends, and maintenance tips. Her breadth of knowledge makes her posts invaluable for both car enthusiasts and everyday drivers.