Greater Radar Detection Options for You

A radar detector is a radio signal receiver of a police radar designed to measure the speed of a moving car. The radar detector promptly warns the driver about approaching a dangerous section of the road where the speed of traffic is monitored. The radar detector helps not only save money, but also save the health and life of the driver, his passengers and pedestrians.

What is the difference between a radar detector and a radar detector?

A radar detector is a passive receiver of a radio signal of a certain frequency, not suppressing the received signal with an amplified signal of the same frequency, warning the driver that he has detected signals of certain frequency ranges in the radius of his action. These devices are not prohibited for sale and use in Russia and most other countries of the world.

  • The radar detector is an active suppressor of the received signal. When a signal of a certain frequency is detected, the suppression mode is switched on – the emission of a stronger signal distorted by modulation (noise). The use of such devices is prohibited by law, since such devices are powerful emitters of radio signals in frequencies prohibited for use by private individuals. You can also make the comparisons while buying the radar detectors. It can literally be Beltronics vs Escort Radar Detectors  and you can decide which one is the best.

While making the choice 

For the use of active devices that emit distorted signals and disrupt the work of police radars, in particular, a penalty is imposed: confiscation of the device and a fine of several dozen minimum wages. All devices that are presented at retail points of sale in Russia are exclusively radar detectors – passive receivers of radio signals from police radars, erroneously referred to as “radar detectors”.

What are false signals and how to minimize the number of false warnings of a radar detector?

False signals are radio signals from other devices operating in the ranges of police radars, but which have nothing to do with the latter. For example, automatic store doors can operate in the X- and K-bands, satellite equipment signals can be detected by the X-band radar detector, radio signals of all ranges, as well as laser signals, can be detected in territories adjacent to airports.

Radar detectors use software and hardware methods of protection against false radio signals. Hardware methods involve the installation of specialized filters in the receiver of a radar detector, and software methods include special algorithms that can identify a radar signal and cut off its signal from interference. But sometimes these methods are not enough, especially when using a radar detector in an urban environment with a lot of interference from foreign devices. To do this, all modern radar detectors have a manual change in the sensitivity of the device – switching between the “City” and “Track” modes. 


Depending on the “jamming” situation, the driver can independently adjust the sensitivity of his device and minimize the number of false positives of the radar detector. Some models allow you to disable ranges that are not used in this area, as well as change the level of decrease in signal sensitivity.

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