How To Take Care Of Your Bridgestone Truck Tyres?

If you have Bridgestone truck tyres you need to make sure that you are maintaining the right kind of inflation pressure on them. Such pressure is necessary for your tyres to perform to the best of their ability. This makes sure that they perform most safely as well and also consume the least amount of fuel. You need to check the inflation pressure of your tyres at least once a month. This needs to be done when they are cool. The best instrument that you could use for such work is a tyre pressure gauge.

Maintaining inflation pressure at the right level

If you have any issues with finding out the right inflation pressure for your Bridgestone truck tyres you can always get that information on the owner’s manual or the placard of your vehicle. This is perhaps the best thing you can do if you are serious about making sure that your tyre stays durable and lasts for a longer period. If your tyre has lesser pressure than needed it would be damaged so badly that you would not be able to get it repaired. It would crack severely and lose air as a result of the same.

Do not spin your tyres more than what is necessary

You should never spin your Bridgestone truck tyres too much. It could be that the tyres are stuck in the likes of snow, mud, or ice. Even then you should refrain from such an activity. The main reason for such a suggestion is the fact that excessive spinning can cause the tyres to get overheated. This also damages them beyond repair. In such cases, you should always use a forward and backward motion gently to free your truck from such confinement. You should also never stand behind a vehicle whose tyres are spinning too much.

Checking the tyres for signs of wear

If your tyres have only 1.6 mm tread depth remaining you should always remove them from service. This makes sure that your Bridgestone truck tyres are in good shape. All the tyres these days come with tread indicators. They look like smooth banks located in the tread grooves. When they have reached that mark, it means that the tyres are either bald or are pretty close to being there. This implies that there is a high chance that they could suffer from accidents that happen because of wet weather.

Checking the tyres for damage

It is always better to avail the services of a company that provides mobile tyre service in Sydney to do such work. This is, in fact, something that should be done at least once a month. You need to see if they are damaged in any way or not. How good is their overall condition? This will make sure that you stay safe on the road when you are driving. In case of any issues in this regard, you should get them looked at by the experts. In some cases, you may have to replace your tyre as well.



Post Author: Sophie Toby Hall

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