Motorcycle helmet and the secrets of its choice

Every five to ten years in the life of a biker, an important question arises: the Need to buy a new helmet.

But which one of the many motorcycle helmets should be preferred?

The trade offers a huge number of models: from the simplest helmets to cross-country models that completely cover the face, from comfortable helmets with a folding visor to ultra-modern developments with electronic stuffing.

A sticker on the mounting strap or on the inside of the helmet distinguishes certified helmets from previous models. If you want to find the best and the most popular helmet on market, just chose hjc modular helmet, you can find it on iasecon website, it will be great choice.


The most important indicator is the fit of the helmet.

The helmets should fit well.

Only in this case will the protective helmet be able to fully perform its task.

At first, the inner lining of the helmet will seem too tight. But this will change over time.

Therefore, the motorcycle helmet should be tightly and firmly, if possible completely cover the entire head. Pressure points indicate that the helmet is too tight.

Another place of pressure is under the chin. The rough lock of the belt rubs the skin, acts on it as an irritant.

In addition, it is necessary to check whether and how convenient it is to fasten and unbutton the helmet with gloves. You should also try to pull the motorcycle helmet off your head with the belt fastened.

If this can be done, it means that the selected instance is too large for you. This can also be stated if the head turns in the helmet to the side.


Making a trial trip in a helmet on your own motorcycle, you can identify many disadvantages.

A good seller will offer to make such a trip.

This is the only way to check the occurrence of noise at high speeds. Too” loud helmets are harmful not only for hearing.

Compared to a more” quiet model, the driver gets tired faster and his concentration decreases. This means that important signals, such as those from operational services, will also be perceived (or not perceived at all) with a delay.

And this does not contribute to safe riding on a motorcycle.

When driving fast on a country highway, the motorcycle helmet should not slide down on the forehead, and the visor should not open by itself. In addition, this is the only way to check how the helmet behaves when you turn your head to the side.

Always with glasses

Helmets with a folding visor are particularly popular among motorcyclists who wear glasses.

The front part is up and you can adjust your glasses without any problems.

But many bikers without vision problems are not going to give up the convenience provided by helmets of this type. After all, in the summer, this makes it possible to put on sunglasses as quickly as possible.

However, not every motorcycle helmet is suitable for use with glasses. Too narrow side pads in the area of the cheeks do not allow you to use glasses.

Very convenient in this case are helmets with special recesses for glasses in the lining.

Also, an obstacle to riding in glasses can be too dense lining in the temporal region. Therefore, when buying, you should always have the glasses that you wear with you. By the way, this should also be remembered when buying new glasses take your helmet with you to the optics store. And try to try on the frame you like when the helmet is put on your head.

Ensure maximum visibility in the helmet.

The window to the world for the biker is the visor of the helmet.

Modern visors are usually covered with scratch protection.

However, at the end of the dry and dusty season, safety glasses often look like frosted.

In spring and autumn, the glass is cooled from the outside, and the inside of the bike heats it with its moist and warm breath. The result is akin to driving in deep fog with a visibility range of no more than 50 meters. Good ventilation and easy opening of the sight quickly eliminates fogging. Pick up a visor on a motorcycle helmet


Teach the bugs, the sweat and the dust, even with a new helmet quickly make untidy and unattractive. The outer surface is quickly cleaned with a small amount of water and a sponge. Places of heavy contamination can be removed using a small amount of detergent.

But in no case should you use products that contain solvents, let alone solvents in their pure form. Also, the material of the helmet can be damaged by paint or stickers, and it is possible that the protective effect of the helmet will be reduced to a critical level. Insect corpses quickly stick to the visor.

Dried remains of mosquitoes, midges and flies should be removed in a gentle mode by applying a paper napkin soaked in water with detergent to the sight. After a few minutes, the napkin should be removed and carefully remove the softened corpses of insects. To clean the interior upholstery, it is best to remove it from the helmet.

Use only high-quality visor care products, such as a visor cleaner.

Otherwise, use a sponge for cleaning. A little shampoo and water will help clean the upholstery from sweat and dust. The lining prevents quick contamination and dirt penetration. When it gets dirty, it can be safely washed in the washing machine.

Post Author: Sophie Toby Hall

A former car magazine editor, Sophie’s blog offers in-depth car reviews, industry trends, and maintenance tips. Her breadth of knowledge makes her posts invaluable for both car enthusiasts and everyday drivers.