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Safety equipment is an essential element for motorcyclists. The protective glove is an item that deserves attention and care when choosing. Do you know what is the ideal model for you to be able to run without stress? Check out our article and find out.

The importance of the protective glove for bikers

For everyday life or for traveling, every motorcyclist knows that they should consider some items before leaving the garage. In addition to taking care of the motorcycle, insurance and weather conditions, it is necessary to be aware of your own safety (and that of the hitchhiker, when applicable).

  • The protective glove, although not mandatory by law, is an essential factor that helps to guarantee your physical integrity. It helps with both accident care and prolonged exposure to climatic factors (heat, cold, sun, wind, etc.).
  • However, it is not enough to take the first model off the shelf and find that the solution has been found. Check out some tips for you to get the ideal gloves.

Tips for choosing the ideal model

Find the ideal size

The fitting of the glove by hand is very important. The motorcycle gloves that are too small or too big cause discomfort, limit and even prevent movement, which reflects in your driving experience.

The good news is that the size of the protective glove is tabulated, making it very easy to find the perfect model. There are three measurements: wrist, palm and middle finger, which can be taken with a ruler (the measurement is linear and not the total circumference).

Choose the model according to the need

As for the design of the gloves, there are three basic models available, which should be chosen according to need and use.


They are those that do not have the fingers (and almost always with a short fist), protecting the palm and the back of the hand. They are good for hot days, as they allow greater ventilation and reduce sweat. Its use is recommended only for short distances.


There are most common models and generally short cuffs. They are perfect for everyday use, as their lightweight material allows ventilation (depending on the material). They are found in versions of waterproof material for rainy days.

Closed long handle (or extra long)

They are made for when you are traveling or spending long periods on the bike, as well as for adverse weather conditions (rain, wind, ice). In addition to protecting the palm, back, fingers and wrist, they can also be closed over the jacket, creating a protective barrier against external elements.

Choose the right material

The materials also follow the same rule as the model: use and need of the rider.


Similar to leather, synthetic and animal, only more resistant and lighter (even when wet), it is an option that has become popular. Clarino’s gloves mold well to the hands and fingers. They have a wide variety of colors and can be machine washed.


Classic and timeless, they have great resistance, but are not the best option for very cold climates. New technologies are replacing the use of leather with materials that are not of animal origin.

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